Make Mine Paper Please

Pretty paper pleases me. I want to make things with it.

Not long ago, I found a couple of Retro Depot Pattern Books featuring pages and pages of gorgeous paper. I bought two books, Folk and Flora designs respectively. Then I waited for inspiration to strike.paper bookWhammo! Ideas hit me in the head via Pinterest. For two weeks now I’ve been in a serious paper art crafting phase.  I’ve been making 7 inch, many pointed stars to hang above my dining table, large 8 point stars (No idea why I made those, just because I suppose.), paper garlands, and paper collages.

I have loved working with paper since my wee years. Let’s fall back through time…  Ah look! A 6 year old me is making a nurse’s hat for dress-up play, airplanes, fans, paper clothes for my dolls. In 4th grade, a friend taught me how to fold a cootie catcher, or paper fortune tellers, depending on where you grew up.  Amazing invention! fold me upA few days ago I was at the local used book store where I found this book. OMG!  There are oodles of these things that you can cut up and fold. So fun!

I still have lots of pretty paper and ideas to try out. I’m not through playing with paper… and I don’t think I ever will be.

Life is good.

Today’s Inspirational Quote

As I begin this new blog, I find myself rigorously dusting off of my writing skills. Bless Anne Lamott and her comforting words.

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.”
Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

Life is Good.

The business of marketing myself…

has been today’s taskmaster. I am participating in a Performers Showcase in one week with the Fort Worth Library System. They will give me 10 minutes performance time to do my storytelling “magic” for the attendees, as well as, a table to set-up my presentation board and tools of the trade.  I am a prop, costume, instrument heavy storyteller, so my table is going to loaded with stuff! They’ll be a lot to pack and carry about.

Dear Hubby is coming along to be my roadie.What can I say?  Life is good.


spring break

And so it begins…

ann & dots 2

Welcome to my new blog! I look forward Practicing ARTitude by expressing an attitude of gratitude for art in its many forms and sharing it with you, dear readers. I am not inclined towards anything technological, so this is going to be a journey of discovery with some adult #%$& language whilst I learn how to blog here at wordpress.