My Wayshowers

Book cover image from Moor by Janine Antoni
My wayshowers have been many in number.  There is a small group however, who begat a shift in my conscience so profound, I swear, I felt the world shift and roll beneath my feet. I felt dizzy from the impact of enlightenment these few artists brought to my inner creative soul, their starseeds of inspiration entering my being with the speed of light.
  • Henri Matisse – He left evidence of his creative process behind in his finished works. I delight in seeing the pencil markings, finger marks…his bread crumb trail.
  • Andy Warhol – He lived life artfully! Both his physical appearance and everyday life were bold, creative expressive acts. He surrounded himself with artsy, unique people making life very interesting.
  • Janine Antoni – My chance meeting with her was earth moving! She is a sister soul. We bonded immediately. I love her work. She helped me finally recognise my value as a conceptual artist.  We both use our bodies as “tools” for creative expression and learning new skills is an essential aspect of our art making. She also gifted me with her brilliant book, Moor, about her installation of a rope woven from donated materials from friends and family. LOVE it! It’s all about weaving and stories.
  • Laurie Anderson – She breathes words in such a way that I find spellbinding. Her merging of poetry with sound & light is brilliant!
  • Nick Cave – Soundsuits & performance art! Nick’s works of art encourage community involvement, thus building relationships and understanding between diverse groups of people. He’s a unifier.

There are more wayshowers, but these five are presently exerting their influence in my current work.

With deep, heartfelt gratitude I send blessings their way, wherever they are.


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