Conversation with Pierre Huyghe

With his thick French accent and his earnest effort to use English words correctly, Pierre Huyghe, the 2017 Nasher Prize Laureate was utterly charming, if unintelligible at times.  Still, all in all I did take notes, gain insight into his thought processes behind some of his work, and get inspired to think in new directions regarding my own creative work. Win! Win!


His talk was at the famed Booker T. Washington High School in downtown Dallas. The talent that has come out of the arts school over the years is VERY impressive: Norah Jones, Erykah Badu, Edie Brickell to name just a few. The principal got up to make an announcement; he was the hippest looking principal I’ve ever seen! He looked under 40 and was dressed in urban cool dude duds! 

But, I digress. I arrived 30 minutes early. It was open seating and I like to sit up close to the speakers. I’m big on reading facial expression and body language when listening to speakers. Much communication is unspoken! I sat directly two rows behind Nancy Nasher (the benefactor of the Nasher Prize!) and her family and friends. Nancy Nasher’s parents were great art collectors and benefactors, and she has done superb job carrying on the tradition.

Here are a few quotes from Pierre Huyghe.

  • “Define your own condition of possibilities.”
  • “Look at the rules of the game and try to shift them.” The was in relation to an exhibition where he had a living, painted dog wondering around the art works.
  • “Seek tension and dilemma between free will and ecology. (I think he meant environment.) Everything is interdependent.”

Thus it has been another day of Practicing ARTitude and loving every minute!


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