That Old Tattered Quilt…

wasn’t getting better with age. It was now 70 years old (probably more). Handmade by my mother-in-law’s aunt, it featured oh-so-patient hand stitching throughout, and had been well used as a bedspread years before it landed in my home, stored in a trunk. Numerous holes now marred it’s faded cloth where vintage cotton batting puffed out. I certainly couldn’t throw it out. Nope! This quilt had sentimental value. What to do?

Time to upcycle! This took a bit of bravery on my part, for it required the deconstruction of the quilt compliments of my favorite pair of scissors. It took me about a month to get my nerve up to make the first “snip-snip“. Yikes!!! Once I did that, there was no turning back. I made an assortment of items.

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I created several primitive style Easter Bunnies. These make nice keepsakes for our family to be enjoyed for many years to come at Easter time. I made to ghosties too, for Halloween. Next, hearts and tree ornaments for our Christmas trees, then valances to go over interior windows, and many, many “Dream” pins with added bits of vintage embroidery, lace, bric-brac, and buttons.  There was A LOT of quilt and I didn’t want to waste one bit of it.


I made one final item. A pillow. It’s not done yet. I plan to appliqué a design on it…I’m still deciding on what that will be. When it’s finished, I’ll share the image. Right now, I’m taking a breather. That was one BIG a$$ quilt! LOL!!!

Stitching away with ARTitude. Of course!


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