Yippy Yappy Doggies

Each night when Jeff comes home, the doggies greet him with great enthusiasm. Here is a poem I wrote honoring the yippy yappy beasties. (With a generous nod to “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.

Once upon a daytime cheery, while I cooked, well…in theory.

Over air came yippy yapping, a furious volume in such a pour,

While I applauded said yippy yapping, suddenly there came more yapping,

As Daddy smiling did appear to yippy yapping at our home’s red door.

“Tis Daddy home,” I uttered, “yapping doggies greeting him at our door-

only this, and nothing more.”

So succinctly they remember to daily greet our pack member,

When the closing day’s sun turns amber, casting last rays to adore.

Eagerly I rushed the door-o: vainly seeking sweet kiss before-o

From beneath us abundant fur-o – fur-o of doggies on the floor – 

Steal away dear’s radiant kiss to instead greet doggies on floor –

Happily for evermore.


Look closely, can you spot three doggies behind all the yippy, yappy, yip-yap-yappys?

ARTitude + doggies = happiness


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