ARTitude in Flight

Behold! My favorite children’s poem by Brod Bagert:

I planted bird seed in the ground

and wild weeds sprouted all around

I know it sounds a bit of absurd

But I didn’t grow a single bird.

Soooooo…I folded me some birds instead. HAH! How do you feel about that crummy birdseed! 

To start, I purchased one of those mobile picture holders. Then I looked through oodles of origami bird examples. None satisfied me. Not to be stopped, I took an example from a French language website I couldn’t read, studied the pictures, made a few changes, and VOILA! I made the the first of many birdies.

FullSizeRender[6] I used two-sided printed paper for a more interesting effect.

I added a green, pre-made, paper ball for a pop of color to the top, and inserted a butterfly (can you spot it?) in with the birds to delight people who take the time for a closer look.

FullSizeRender[5] ARTitude in flight!



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