Feeling the ARTitude through music

Music is a vital part of my creative life. I listen to a VERY eclectic mix of music from across the globe and time. The stuff I stay away from is today’s TOP 40. Nothing creative about that packaged noise created by a group of people focusing on dollars over content. Every so often something decent slips through, but not often enough.

I look for creatively composed music, lyrics that communicate ideas, feelings, dreams…this is what speaks to my inner muse.

Pandora and movie soundtracks are my two main sources for hunting down music. One group I discovered after hearing their tunes in an indie movie is Dengue Fever . Click on the title to go to their website. They are an American band making Cambodian Pop mixed with psychedelic rock. Their music energizes me, my creative ideas expand while I’m listening to them. FYI – They’re a fun band to listen to while cleaning house.

Check out their Pandora channel Dengue Fever Radio. It is pure delight! Very unique, plenty of great variety in the featured bands. Great housecleaning music too!

There are lots of music artists I want to share with you, but one at a time. Okay? Better to savor each independently to see how you feel about them.

Dengue Fever = Music with ARTitude


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