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Make Mine Paper Please

Pretty paper pleases me. I want to make things with it.

Not long ago, I found a couple of Retro Depot Pattern Books featuring pages and pages of gorgeous paper. I bought two books, Folk and Flora designs respectively. Then I waited for inspiration to strike.paper bookWhammo! Ideas hit me in the head via Pinterest. For two weeks now I’ve been in a serious paper art crafting phase.  I’ve been making 7 inch, many pointed stars to hang above my dining table, large 8 point stars (No idea why I made those, just because I suppose.), paper garlands, and paper collages.

I have loved working with paper since my wee years. Let’s fall back through time…  Ah look! A 6 year old me is making a nurse’s hat for dress-up play, airplanes, fans, paper clothes for my dolls. In 4th grade, a friend taught me how to fold a cootie catcher, or paper fortune tellers, depending on where you grew up.  Amazing invention! fold me upA few days ago I was at the local used book store where I found this book. OMG!  There are oodles of these things that you can cut up and fold. So fun!

I still have lots of pretty paper and ideas to try out. I’m not through playing with paper… and I don’t think I ever will be.

Life is good.


The business of marketing myself…

has been today’s taskmaster. I am participating in a Performers Showcase in one week with the Fort Worth Library System. They will give me 10 minutes performance time to do my storytelling “magic” for the attendees, as well as, a table to set-up my presentation board and tools of the trade.  I am a prop, costume, instrument heavy storyteller, so my table is going to loaded with stuff! They’ll be a lot to pack and carry about.

Dear Hubby is coming along to be my roadie.What can I say?  Life is good.


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